This 14k Amalfi Coin reproduced here and has been a hot seller! Get your hands on one of these timeless pieces! One is Bezeled in 14k Rope bezel & 14k Yellow gold Diamond Bail. The other is attached with a 14k Rose Gold Bail.


"The minting of gold coins in Amalfi started during the reign of Ruggero Borsa, the Duke of Puglia (1085-1111) and continued until Swabian period when Federico II closed the mint of Amalfi. After the death of Federico II, under the protection of the Vatican, the free town of Amalfi (in 1250) minted for only 2 years a coin in silver with “Civitas Amalfia” written on it. This was the last coin minted in Amalfi before the town was absorbed by the Kingdom of Naples.The old established firm of GAF Gioelli has had this ancient coin reproduced."

Amalfi Coin