Frequently asked questions

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

There are no additional fees or costs. Similar to other subscription based offerings, there is an onboarding cost associated with setup of you and your users' accounts, content, and permissions to our networking and group events.

The onboarding costs are reflective of the package you select and the amount of setup required on our end.

How long does it take from the moment we say "Yes" to get my team on the platform?

Our implementation process is typically complete within 48 hours. It's contingent on the amount of onboarding and setup required with the package you invest in.

How long is the subscription?

While all of our products and plans are billed on a monthly basis, our agreements are for a one year period.

Can I upgrade my offerings at any time or do I have to wait until my subscription is over?

Yes. While some of our products and plans are priced to scale together, we do allow the ability for our customers to upgrade products and services in the middle of their contract term.

How do I know this will work?

The same question could be asked of your agency/career and when you first started, how did you know it was going to succeed and more importantly be the right choice for you? There is a strong committment needed from you and your team to enact the material and exercise the knowledge on a daily basis. This is not a one time thing, this is a constant committment to always improving, learning, practicing, drilling, and rehearsing.

Can I write this off my taxes as a business expense?

While we are not tax professionals and can't legally advise you on your tax preparation we can tell you this: The US Government allows you to deduct expenses for education that maintains or improves your skills in your present line of work as well as the expenses of tuition, books, supplies and fees that are required by your course of study. Professional membership dues for careers directly linked to networking are also similarly allowed to be deducted as well. Since Insurance Lead HQ is an Insurance Sales Training Platform for the purposes of education, improving skills in your industry, and your professional membership for networking, we would recommend you seek the advice of a qualified tax professional if this is a serious concern of you. That said, we do understand that our function is to help you improve skills in your industry by expanding your education and many other agencies that use our platform have followed this understanding when looking into potential business expense write-offs.